The bag routine - how to organize your bag and never forget things

The Bag Routine

You know how the everyday bag is such an essential item but it's so easy to turn it into an endless pit. I have made up my own Bag Routine to prepa...

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Alejandra Cerda's city life in Copenhagen

Meet Alejandra C.

"I truly appreciate following her everyday life in Copenhagen and listening to her clear voice regarding sustainability and consumption. She bring...

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Female founded businesses only get 1% of the investment capital

Revolution in a bag

I love being a female founder. It’s challenging, stressful, time-consuming, and scary. And it’s my best life, I build something together with my cu...

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The perfect work bag for city women - founded by women

Greetings from: Joanna Bark

Meet Joanna, Joanna is a Stockholmer, an architect, a mother of two and she created Bukvy together with me. Joanna has always been a ”carrying per...

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Bullet journaling, I wanted to be able to plan for the future and at the same time have control over what I needed to achieve on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis

Bullet journaling

Organizing my daily life like this makes my mind free. I find that Bullet Journaling is a bit like my silent assistant, it keeps my day on track wi...

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Organiserade accessoarer

Intro: The Maathai kit

”What a friend we have in a tree, the tree is a symbol of hope, self-improvement and what the human can do for herself”   

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