Shop your values this week

We want to treat you with inspiration on how to stay calm and shop your values this week.
Bukvy is - as always - not doing any Black Friday, Black Week, or Cyber Monday deals. We believe that items should be priced for what they are worth from the beginning and that big sales for no reason are stressing us as consumers. This leads to bad shopping choices and consumption that we don't need. We believe that we have power as consumers - this week is the perfect opportunity to practice that power. 
Our top Instagram accounts and sites to follow this week
Fashion Revolution, Slow Fashion Movement, and Goodonyou_app

Black Friday

  Shop your own closeth

Stop before you shop

It's ok to call out fast fashion


If you would feel tempted to shop something, here's a map on how to proceed:

Is it an impulse buy?


We believe in you!

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