Update for the Crowdfunders

November the 28th 2020

We have been waiting for an update from our studio but are aware that they are working super hard to get our order ready in time. We do not want to stress them more than necessary because we know that they are understaffed and busy after having to close for one week. 

Therefore we are thankful that they took their time to send us photos from how production is proceeding! 

Bukvy Bag production - European sourced leathers

Bukvy Bag production -  logo

Bukvy Crowdfunding Bo Bardi bags

Bukvy Crowdfunding update

Bukvy Crowdfunding 2020

We cannot tell you the delivery date yet but we will get in touch as soon as we get further information from the studio. Both us and the studio  are doing everything we can to be able to deliver your bags to you before Christmas. That is also the plan at the moment and we do look forward to get back to you soon. Thank you for your patience! 

Have a beautiful weekend,


Elena & Joanna

Joanna Bark och Elena Ekström, grundare av Bukvy

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