Susie Faux - The Woman behind the Capsule Wardrobe

Susie faux: A revolution in fashion

In the 1970s, in London's vibrant fashion world, Susie Faux, as owner of the 'Wardrobe' store, noticed a concerning trend: women were spending massive amounts on clothes that lacked quality, comfort and timeless style. These short-lived trends, designed for just one season, created a vicious cycle of constant shopping, leading to overcrowded wardrobes and emptied wallets.

Frustrated by this waste and lack of functionality, Susie Faux started thinking outside the box. Her vision was a well-designed collection, a wardrobe capsule, made of high-quality, perfectly-fitting items that could outperform trends and become part of everyday life for years to come.

quality and fit: the foundation of a timeless wardrobe

Susie Faux's philosophy was completely different from the current trend. She did not focus on quantity, instead she focused on functionality and fit. Every item served a purpose, and every stitch was an investment in quality.

This philosophy really resonated. In 1985, the fashion icon Donna Karan took inspiration from Susie's concept and created her iconic ,The 7 Easy Pieces, capsule collection. This collection, featuring a bodysuit, skirt, tailored jacket, dress, something leather, white shirt and cashmere sweater, showed how a well-curated wardrobe could effortlessly take a woman from the office to special occasions (read all about it in Vogue).

Personalize your wardrobe with the perfect pieces for your lifestyle

Several years later, in 1988, Susie wrote a book named Wardrobe. The book highlighted the importance of personalization within the capsule concept. She wrote, "If we apply capsule to everyone, we have to ask: what is his or her lifestyle? That might be a perfectly tailored dress to see friends in; or a beautiful jacket for the office. For others, it might be nice jeans and tops. But for the average person, women and men who go to work need the best clothes they can". 

Isn't it amazing how relevant and attractive the concept still is?

"If we apply capsule to everyone, we have to ask: what is his or her lifestyle? That might be a perfectly tailored dress to see friends in; or a beautiful jacket for the office. For others, it might be nice jeans and tops. But for the average person, women and men who go to work need the best clothes they can"

Susie Faux

Creating a wardrobe that reflects your personality

Susie Faux did not just see her wardrobe as a collection of clothes, she saw it as an extension of her own identity. She emphasized the importance of choosing clothes that were not only stylish and functional, but also reflected the individual's personality and lifestyle. Creating a wardrobe that felt authentic and inspiring was for her a central part of self-expression and living a meaningful life.

By carefully choosing clothes and accessories, you can create a wardrobe that tells a story about who you are and what you value. Susie Faux encouraged people to experiment with different styles and find pieces that made them feel confident and comfortable. She said that clothes can be a powerful tool to express individuality and create a strong personal style.

A wardrobe that is well chosen can also be a source of inspiration and joy. Having pieces that you love to wear can give a positive boost to your confidence and add sparkle to your everyday life. Susie Faux encouraged people to surround themselves with beautiful and inspiring objects, including clothes, that could lift their spirits and energize them.

A wardrobe that represents your lifestyle

Choosing clothes should not only be about aesthetics, but also about functionality. Susie Faux pointed out the importance of having a wardrobe that fits your lifestyle and needs. For example, if you work a lot, you need clothes that are comfortable and professional, while for leisure you can choose more casual and personal options.

Susie Faux's guide to timeless style

Embracing Susie Faux's wardrobe philosophy is not about copying a certain style or buying expensive designer pieces. It's about taking the time to reflect on your own identity and lifestyle, and then choosing pieces that reflect the person you are and want to be. It's about creating a wardrobe that you love and that makes you feel confident, inspired and comfortable.

Here are some tips for creating a wardrobe in the style of Susie Faux:

  • Identify your style: Take time to think about what you like to wear and what makes you feel good.
  • Invest in quality clothing: It's better to have a few high-quality pieces that you love and that last for a long time, than a lot of cheap pieces that you don't wear and that are easily ruined after a short time. 
  • Be creative: Experiment with different styles and combinations to find your own unique style.
  • Be true to yourself: Choose pieces that you feel comfortable and confident in.
  • Create a wardrobe that inspires you: Surround yourself with beautiful and inspiring items that make you feel happy.
  • Remember that functionality is important: Choose pieces that fit your lifestyle and needs.

By following these tips, you can create a wardrobe in the style of Susie Faux - a wardrobe that reflects your essence and brings joy and inspiration to your everyday life.

Susie Faux

Susie Faux's vision of a capsule wardrobe, built on quality, fit and personal style, continues to inspire us today. She challenged the fast moving fashion industry and promoted a more conscious consumption of clothing. Her legacy lives on in the form of the capsule wardrobe concept, but also in a growing movement towards more sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

Embracing Susie Faux's philosophy is about creating a wardrobe that reflects our personality and values. It's about investing in pieces that we love and that we can wear for a long time. It's about making conscious choices that benefit both ourselves and the environment.

Susie Faux's message is as relevant today as it was in the 1970s. In an era of over-consumption and disposable culture, she reminds us that less can truly be more. By investing in fewer, high-quality pieces, we can create a wardrobe that we love and can wear for years to come.

Her philosophy is (without us even knowing about it) also what Bukvy is born out of. The vision of how one perfect bag is enough for our woman to live her everyday life with. A bag that's worth taking care of (here's our best Leather Care advice), and that evolves together with it's carrier after her needs.

Let's be inspired by Susie Faux's courage and vision and build a more conscious and sustainable future for the fashion industry. Together, we can create wardrobes that reflect our unique style and values, without impacting the environment or our wallets. 

Elena Ekström