10 smart organizational bags tips for your everyday bag

Organizing your bag can be time-consuming and demanding, but in the end it's worth it, organizing your bag makes your everyday life easier. You know where all your stuff are and can easily find what you are looking for, at the same time you don't have to worry about forgetting something at home or losing something when you go from home to work or from work to home.

That's why we at Bukvy have come up with some of our smartest Organizational bags tips for your everyday bag so you never have to worry about forgetting anything.

Let's start to organize your bag

Step 1: Prioritize the things you need most

  1. When you starting the journey of organizing your bags, it is important to first start by clearing the bag and pouring out all the items. Make two piles, one where you put things you really need to take with you and one pile where you put things that aren't as important.

While you're at it, take the opportunity to empty the trash and clean up the bag.

A picture showing what

Step 2: Use smaller bags inside

Using smaller bags inside your large everyday bag can be smart because you have a place to leave your small belongings, such as hair ties, keys or coins.

Using smaller bags inside your large everyday bag can be smart because you have a place to leave your small belongings, such as hair ties, keys or coins.

By having smaller bags inside, you'll know where to look for your coins, for example, faster than having to search the bottom of your bag for them. This becomes a step towards having Organizational bags.

Step 3: First Aid Kit

This is a must have, a first aid kit where you can quickly find patches, tampons or sanitary pads when the time comes. Imagine that you are going on a lunch date or going to a dinner and on the way, you accidentally trip and hurt your leg so it starts to bleed. In that case, you need a quick fix and what a better way than to have a small first aid kit with you in your bag.

Step 4: Clean up regularly

Sometimes we think that we don't need to clean out our bags from time to time, but it turns out that we need to do it more often than we think. In order to get organizational bags , you need to clear the bag and see what you really need to take with you and not take with you. This is also where the idea of minimalism comes in, do you really need to carry so much in your bag?

Well, no matter what, sometimes you need to pour out all your stuff and make a pile like we talked about in step 1, a pile of things you use often and a pile of things you might even have forgotten you had in your bag.

a picture showing different stuff you can have in your bag, sunscreen, makeup and hair tie.

Step 5:Organize your wallet

If you have a wallet, you can take the opportunity to organize it as well, here you can organize your cash, coins, cards so you can get quick access to them when you need them. Remember also to empty the whole thing first and see which items you will use most.

Step 6: Get everything travel sized

When it comes to carrying makeup and hair products, it can take up a lot of space in the bag, therefore it can be smart to use travel-sized products. This makes the bag less heavy and gives you more space at the same time. You can easily pick up the mini brush without having to move around other things in the bag.

Tips for small items can be a mini concealer, a mini eyebrow pencil or a mini hairspray. 


With an accessory kit, you can perfectly organize everything that you want to keep close to you such as your phone, your keys or your wallet.

We at Bukvy sell an accessory kit that you can easily organize your things with, it is called  Maathai kit  and comes with a phone case, mini wallet, key holder and also a long strap. The smart thing about these holders is that you can both wear them on the long strap but also use the ring hook to place them on your bag instead. 

You can read more about the product here: 


An picture of our Maathai accessory kit

Step 8: Use cable organizers

To avoid all the cables being all over the place in your everyday bag, you might want to invest in some cable organizers. This will allow you to easily find the charger you're looking for and help you avoid tangles and damage.

Things you can have in it:

  1. Bandage

  2. Glasses cleaner

  3. Mini parfym

  4. Tampons

  5. Gum

  6. Bindor

  7. Mini sunscreen

Step 9: Bring a notebook and pen with you

It's always a good idea to carry a small notebook and pen to write down important notes or reminders on the go. Sure, you can use your cell phone, but it's easier to pull out a notebook in real life than on your phone when you're on the go. 

We at Bukvy actually sell an organizing folder that fits an A5 calendar, pens, chargers and tampons. It can also fit glasses or a mini pen case. Perfect for the bag, especially when you want organizational bags. Here is the link to our organizing folder

Step 10: Lastly, Re do it

Don't forget to reorganize your bag, at different times you need different things. During winter you might need your gloves easily accessible but during summer you might not. 

It's always good to reorganize your bag whenever it's needed and often. you can tell when it's needed because you start looking more and more deeply into your bag for things that have fallen further down into it. 

A tip

Before we say goodbye, I would like to tell you about one of our new products, the hero organizer, an in bag organizer that you can easily store everything you need and easily find them. Here are some examples what you can store in it:

  • The Bag-in-Bag has compartments for:
  • AirPods
  • Waterbottle
  • Pens
  • Tampons
  • Lipstick
  • Cards
  • A d-ring to fix your Key holder or Mini wallet
  • Glasses or sunglasses
  • iPad
  • Notebook

Link to Organizing Hero

We at Bukvy hope these tips for putting together organizational bags have been helpful in creating a well-prepared kit for your needs.
We wish you luck with your organizing, and we hope your organized bags bring you convenience and peace of mind wherever you go!

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