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Article: 3 things to ask yourself before a purchase

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3 things to ask yourself before a purchase

One of the most interesting things about a Minimalist lifestyle is finding the pieces I truly love and use. Sustainability is ultimately about wearing and using what we already own and for me also, knowing where my clothes and items come from. I try to build my own relationship to the brands and stores I buy from. It's great because it gives me a curated selection of things to choose from when I do need something new. But before I go looking for something I try to aks myself these 3 questions:

1. Do I need this? Myself, I tend to go for the same kind of items again and again. I only have room for 30 items in my closet at the moment so if something goes in, it must be worthy of something going out. 

2. How much will I carry it? With 30 pieces in the closet, it's not worth having one-time items. That does not mean one cannot own a nice dress, it just means I carry it as well on a Tuesday morning as a Saturday night :) New things must be quality items, from brands I trust and feel great. Otherwise, I will not carry them a lot - and I mean a lot, not just 30 times. 

3. Do I love it? I keep a list of things I love (or believe I love) in a folder. Most things are forgotten and deleted after 2 days but if they are there for over 30 days and these 3 questions are answered with a YES it's a yes. 

These 3 things seem so basic but it's really important to remind each other that our choices make a difference. And still, clothes are worn an average of 3 times, everyone in the industry knows this and still, we keep on shopping. But I know we can change! 

Psst, my outfit here is bought in 2019 and I have worn the jacket 114 times according to the Stylebook app. The bag is the Midi Curie 3-in-1 Bag in Almond which is a color I really love. Probably my second favourite after black. 

Have a beautiful Saturday!



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