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Article: A handcrafted leather bags worth

How a bag is made - European leather bag production

A handcrafted leather bags worth

"Focus is on how we can inspire to consume in better ways, make better decisions and educate on how to take care of the items that we already have"

Did you know that the cost of a handmade item seldom is about the material but the labor - and don’t you think this is how it should be?

Handmade items are about craftsmanship, understanding of the materials in use, and of course also pride. We have chosen to work with small-scale production studios based in Europe, geographically close to us. We try to visit now and then but many times we don't have to which limits our traveling in a good way. We believe in a world where we consume the things we need and love without hurting people around us or our environment. It's important for us that people working in the studios work under fair conditions and fair pay. We love to create items for women who work and live active lives and we will not exploit other women to make this happen. We stand strong in our values and produce items that we are proud of, and we will not exploit people to be able to produce cheaper items.

Parts of the Midi Curie bag

Bukvy is not a high-end luxury brand. We understand our pricing is in the higher section but our pricing is based on what our bags and accessories cost to produce. We only work with European-sourced leathers without dangerous chemicals (read more about the REACH regulation here) and the best quality zippers and we work with small-scale European studios where salaries are raised every year and people have the right to vacation. 

This crazy pricing competition is a situation created by the fast fashion industry.  Simply said, we are used to paying too little for what we wear and we consume way too many things.

The leather multistrap in production in Portugal

We believe that Bukvy can be part of creating better and more fair consumption habits. Our focus will never be on making cheaper items and lowering prices but to create great products and building a sustainable brand. Focus is on how we can educate and inspire others to consume in better ways, make better decisions, and how to take care of the items that we already have.

Bag-edges being painted

Fair pricing

We price our items by what they cost and we work by a direct-to-consumer concept. This makes it possible for us to cut out costs and offer you a fair price. The fashion industry's standard pricing model is to multiply the item's production cost by 5-13. We multiply our bags and accessories by 3. This is a great difference from high-end brands where you pay a big part for the brand name. 

Leather handbags in the making n our studio in Portugal

You are always welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts - we love getting to know all of your concerns better. 

Meanwhile, I wish you a wonderful summer! 



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