Greetings from: Joanna Bark

Meet Joanna,

The perfect everyday work bag

Joanna is a Stockholmer, an architect, a mother of two and she created Bukvy together with me. Joanna has always been a ”carrying person”. Her Mother is too. A carrying person for us is someone who is always going places and who is always bringing props. If there is a barbecue, she wants to have nice outdoor glasses - and a tablecloth. She likes a great deal and she likes to feel like she is prepared for everything! 

Before Bukvy, Joanna was always just carrying a canvas tote. Or her mother's vintage leather or strap bags. But that is just not good enough for a carrying person! 

In her everyday life, some days are laptop days and some are not. And on the different days, different bags are needed. This for example is a non-laptop day:

The perfect everyday handbag with room for all the essentials

Joanna has her own style, mixing her Mothers clothes with second-hand bargains and classics. She can also show up in a dress from when we were in middle school. She moves between home, work, fun, the kid's school, and everyday life on her e-bike and the Maathai is the perfect bike accessory:

The perfect organizin kit for phone, keys and wallet in leather

This is her Mini Curie bag on an office day filled with all the necessary essentials for a regular day: lunch box, keys, toiletry bag and more:

This multifunctional mini bag is the perfect workbag, made in genuine leather

Joanna lives in Axelsberg, up in the treetops with a wonderful view:  

Stockholm bag brand

Make sure to get Joanna's best super user tips on how to use the different bags, here's her best Bo Bardi bag tricks:

How to use multifunctional 5-in-1 Bo Bardi bag, Joannas best tips

Thank you Joanna for letting us hang with you for a week, I hope you'll be back soon!

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