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"In my imaginary life, I only own 1 bag but in reality, I do need a few more"

The average woman owns between 9 and 13 bags. I must admit that I was that woman just a few years ago. I love quality leatger bags. The way they smell and feel. How feels packing them, planning the day and what I need to bring, the different compartments...everything! I used to have many bags in different sizes, materials, and styles to change between. But most of all I love the feeling of organization and knowing where my things are and that I've got the things I need whatever the day brings. Today I appreciate simplicity and quality over quantity. 
In my imaginary life, I only own 1 bag but in reality, I do need a few more. This is what my every-week-bag-need looks like: 
  1. An everyday bag to carry my laptop, lunch box, a water bottle a small toiletry bag, and some small things. 
  2. A smaller handbag for the simple days. The focus is on finding what I need — wallet, lip balm, keys, pen, phone, notebook — when I need it. 
  3. A big bag for the days when I need to carry a lot. Maybe the family's bathing suits and towels, packing for summer house weekend or if I'm at the warehouse or a photoshoot. Those dags my bag is filled with bags :)  

Whichever bag I choose to carry for the day I stick to My Bag Routine the day before to keep myself as happy and calm as possible. The bags I use to fulfill these needs (and many more!) are my curated Bukvy  collection including:

The Bo Bardi bag

This bag is my true day-saver on my intense workdays. I don't always know what the day will bring but whatever happens, I know that my Bo Bardi will support me: as a backpack on the bike to work, as a lunch-shoulder bag, grocery shopper tote, or at the bank meeting as a laptop case. 

Den perfekta jobbväskan och vardafsväskan

 The Vargas maxi wallet

I have come to love this mid-sized wallet bag more every year.  It fits everything I need on a day out. I know where my keys are, lip balm, cards, sunglasses, iPods, snack box, and my pen. I mostly carry it with a wide strap but sometimes also as a clutch.

The Vargas hadbag. This is the perfect everyday handbag! Made by genuine leather and with a cute mirror inside

Maxi Curie bag

I cannot stress the capacity of this bag enough. I realize that I need to make a video introduction of what this bag fits to explain it better - and it is comfortable and beautiful at the same time! 

This is what I carried in my maxi last weekend: lunch for me and the kids, a wine bottle as a gift to the dinner host, 2 towels and 3 bathing suits, flip flops, a toiletry bag and a water bottle. 

Maxi Curie väska får plats med allt du behöver på stranden, jobbet, weekend

I use these three bags almost every week and they make my life more simple and more organized. My hands know how to pack them without thinking and I know when each bag is suitable. 

With these versatile bags, 3 is definitely enough The perfect bag trio



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