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Article: Different ways to carry the Bo Bardi Bag

Four ways to carry the Minimalist bag - Multifunctional Bo Bardi 5-in-1 bag

Different ways to carry the Bo Bardi Bag

A Minimalist lifestyle does not need to be black and sleek. Minimalism is about simplifying everyday life and making space for the things that truly add value
The Bo Bardi bag is the perfect everyday minimalist bag. I often carry it as a backpack on my way to work, as a small shoulder bag at lunch, and a tote bag when I go grocery shopping. The clutch version comes and goes for me. I love the look of the sleek maxi clutch when for example going for lunch but it's also great for dressing down an evening outfit. 
The Minimalist leather handbag
The Bo Bardi bag in Chocolate as Handbag or shoulder bag
The Minimalist everyday leather bag as clutch
The Bo Bardi bag in Chocolate as a Maxi clutch. 
The clutch looks great together with a blazer. 
The Minimalist leather tote bag in Chocolate brown
The Bo Bardi bag in Chocolate as Tote bag. Just open up the side zippers to give the bag as much space as possible. 
Happy Thursday!

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