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Bukvy bag lady Helene Söderström with her Bo Bardi 5-in-1 bag in leather


 Meet Helene

Bukvy bag bestie

Helene is doing her master of humanities at Uppsala University in art history as main subject. We got intrigued to get to know her better after having scrolled down her personal Instagram. She collects beautiful photographs of clothes, home, nature, her love and her friends super cute dog. All photos and films here are taken by Helene herself.

Helene let us spend time with her and her Bo Bardi in the woods, with friends, in the city - follow and see how she mixes and matches both beautiful and with identity. Follow her week as our Stories host here

The perfect Work bag


13" Laptop bag

"Whats important for me when I choose my bag is not just the bag and that I'll be able to fit all my things but also how the brand works with environmental question, gender equality and materials"

A bag that fits my books

"I always carry my 13" Macbook Air with me which fits perfectly in the bag. Plus coffee, food and school books which also must be included"

The best Laptop bag for women

 "My bag filled with tea and cookies"

The best everyday bag for the outdoors and the office

We love seeing how Helene is using her Bo Bardi. The bag is made to be worn and used, not to be carefully stocked at your shelf. Suede is a living material and is super durable regarding both weather and wind as long as it's well taken cared of. You find our care instructions in the main menu.

 A bag made for the city and for the woods

Thank you Helene for letting us follow you during your first week with your Bo Bardi <3 


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