Meet Alejandra C.

I have followed Alejandra for many years now and I truly appreciate looking at her everyday life in Copenhagen and listening to her clear voice regarding sustainability and consumption. She brings us through the city's vintage shops, bike-strolling the streets, enjoying markets and the Copenhagen culture.
Alejandra Cerda living life in Copenhagen with Petite Curie bag
Also, we get to be part of her sewing projects which is always exciting and oh so impressive!
Alejandra Cerda in her Copenhagen garden with Midi Curie bag
Alejandra is carrying the Midi Curie bag with the straps in the side hooks - you decide how you carry your bag. I love this!
Alejandra Cerda with her Midi Curie bag in Copenhagen
 Alejandra writes a beautiful newsletter that I highly recommend and please follow her Instagram - it's a treat ❤

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