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Artikel: Our Inspiration I Lina Bo Bardi

Architecht Lina Bo Bardi - the inspiration behing the Bo Bardi bag

Our Inspiration I Lina Bo Bardi

”You should always look for the ideal, decent object, which could also be defined by the old term ‘beauty'” 

The Bo Bardi bag was the first bag we made and it is created for life in constant motion, both by function and aesthetics. We were longing for a easier way of life with less items and better choices. This bag took us over a year to make perfect and we chose to produce it in beautiful calf leather and suede. These materials are both durable and ages beautifully over time. 

The name is inspired by architect Lina Bo Bardi who is famous for her Modernist buildings in Brazil. Bo Bardi did not work from an office but at the construction site and from home during the night. Long after she completed a building she improved it through adaptations after the people using the space and moving around it. We admire her for her way of creating with her mind on movement, integration and life.
Bo Bardis ability to combine architecture with art, philosophy and psychoanalysis is just amazing!


The Bo Bardi bag beautifully transfers between work, lunch, the gym and dinner with friends. By combining function and timeless aesthetics this item will support you throughout your day.

Bo Bardi backpack


Bo Bardi as a ClutchBo Bardi as Tote bag

The bag has hidden pockets on the back where you can safely carry your phone and mini wallet. You can reach the pockets without taking off your backpack which minimizes stress while multi-tasking and entering your home.  Add a little chain and your keys will stay fixed in its place and never be lost. 


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