"Incredibly smart, incredible taste and incredible kindness"

Important things are not easy and to make great things we have needed to commit and be patient. Our items are made with a lot of thought, love and care about the carrier. We have created them for the people that we admire; who work hard and who reflect. The item-names are inspired by great females who signal authority, integrity, kindness and pride. We wish to have known more about these women earlier in our lives and we want to acknowledge them for lightening our way. Their work is alive and so are the reasons for guarding the female space.

The impressive women with whom we are starting this journey are Bo Bardi (architecht), Sijima (architecht), Nightingale (nurse), Curie (first woman to receive the Nobel price), Shikibu (author), Bell (physicist and astronomer), Maathai (environmentalist), Von Otter (designer), Kahlo (artist) and Wägner (journalist). More detailed info about why we chose these individuals will be available soon and we look forward to add more impressive heroes to the family.  Yours truly
Elena & Joanna


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