The average woman owns between 9 and 13 bags. I must admit that I was that woman ten years ago. I love quality leather bags. The way they smell and feel. How feels packing them, planning the day and what I need to bring, the different compartments...everything! I used to own too many bags in different sizes, materials, and styles to change between. But most of all I love the feeling of organization and knowing where my things are and that I've got the things I need whatever the day brings.

Today I appreciate simplicity and quality over quantity. 

I believe that Minimalism and conscious consumption habits are great reactions to overconsumption. Clothes and accessories must be built to last and work in many different settings and it's soothing not to surround oneself with too many things.

Susie Faux, the woman who invented the concept of the Capsule wardrobe, owned a boutique in London in the '70s. She noticed that women spent unnecessary resources on items that weren’t well-made, with a good fit, and would not likely feel right by the following year. Faux suggested her customers keep fewer than 20 high-quality items for the ideal capsule wardrobe. Then they could add a just few seasonal items. 

I love this approach and it's important to me that Bukvy delivers great value, functionality and simplicity to our carriers lives.