Color therapy & bags: can the color of your Bukvy bag change your mood?

Most people love color, and some might have even tried color therapy. Colors are usually seen as happy and joyful, but is that really true? Does colors bring out the best in you, or are you at your best in black and white? Join us through a journey of color therapy and hear about how we chose our Bukvy colors. You might call it a Bukvy color therapy session. 

Tangeringe Bukvy

Nothing makes us happier than a perfect black bag, a slick nougat clutch or a perfect, smooth brown leather backpack. However, we equally love to mix our neutral tones with dashes and splashes of accent colors.

Jade Bukvy red glove

Color therapy in sciences

Scientifically, Numerous psychologists have delved into the realm of color and its significance, observing that colors are subject to individual perception and tend to elicit diverse reactions in most people. However, the precise emotional impact of different hues remains elusive, partly influenced by culture, era, and location. Despite ongoing debates on how colors affect us, there's a consensus that colors wield significant influence, often guiding our emotions more profoundly than we may realize. 


Presently, we understand that human color perception resides in the limbic system of our brains, the region responsible for handling emotions and subconscious thoughts. This strongly suggests that our experience of colors is deeply intertwined with our ability to process feelings, acquire knowledge, and boost motivation. As one of the founding fathers of modern psychology, Karl Jung puts it “Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious”.

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Bukvy bag

The Psychology of Color

When it comes to the impact on emotions and behavior, colors exert a profound influence on our mental state and emotions. Warm colors like red and orange, for instance, can boost energy and appetite, whereas cool colors like blue and green have a calming and soothing effect. The strategic use of colors in your environment can uplift your mood and enhance your productivity.

"Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious”- Karl Jung

Carl Jung and color therapy

Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology, held a profound interest in the psychological significance of color and color therapy.


He integrated the concept of color into his broader exploration of the human psyche and the collective unconscious. Jung's view on color was multi-dimensional and had significant implications for his theories. He believed that color choices in dreams, artwork, and personal preferences were not random but rather rooted in the unconscious. An individual's attraction to or aversion from specific colors reflected deep-seated aspects of their personality and emotions. 


Jung's perspective on color also intersected with his concept of individuation, the process of becoming one's authentic self. In this context, the colors chosen in expressions of the self, such as artwork or dreams, became tools for reflecting and integrating different dimensions of one's inner world. They were seen as indicators of an individual's progress on the path to self-realization

Colors and Mood

It is said we can do a lot by cultivating harmony and positive energy in our living space by choosing different colors. By selecting colors that foster a positive ambiance in our homes or workplaces, we can foster tranquility and simply just feel better. In the bedroom, for example, employing blue and green can promote restful sleep, while warmer shades like yellow and orange can create an inviting atmosphere in the living room.


Color therapy can help us by leveraging colors to enhance our health. Color therapy involves harnessing specific colors to promote healing. For example, green is often employed to alleviate stress and restore bodily balance. Surrounding yourself with the right colors has the potential to reduce stress, enhance energy levels, and simply feel better in your everyday life.

Cobalt Bukvy
Cobalt Bukvy
Cobalt Bukvy

Bukvy color therapy

We at Bukvy love our neutral colors. Nothing makes us happier than a perfect black bag, a slick nougat clutch or a perfect, smooth brown leather backpack. However, we equally love to mix our neutral tones with dashes and splashes of accent colors. In our own Bukvy color therapy, we have found that some days simply call for a bright blue midi Curie, and some nights for a little red micro. 


Bukvy’s colors have changed quite a bit over the years. While our neutral pallet is at our heart, we often bring more colors such as a bright orange red, a cobalt blue or a deep forest green in to the mix. Moreover, what is considered to be a bright color for one person, might be considered a neutral color for someone else. We encourage to think broader about the term neutral! 

What is considered to be a bright color for one person, might be considered a neutral color for someone else. We encourage to think broader about the term neutral!

Bukvy's color choices

When deciding what colors our bags should have, we took a wide range of variables into consideration: the concept of neutrals, what a color represent and what we want our Bukvy carriers to feel when taking the Bukvy for a spin around town. Regardless, we wanted to share teh considerations when choosing some of our Bukvy colors. 


  • Black is more than a color - it's a lifestyle. Black is beautiful, works with everything, hides stains and it's a classic.


  • Brown is often associated with resilience, dependability, and safety. This beautiful Chocolate brown color balances so well with other colors. It has an energetic, nurturing quality and the different shades vary infinitely.


  • Beige: In nature, brown, beige, and grey vary in values and hues. Like unbleached linen, cream, moss, shades of stones. It can take on undertones of warm or cold. These greige nuanced bags are so versatile with almost any color - and they age beautifully. 



  • Red: Our red bags are created to support your everyday adventures. A red bag means luck and protection according to Feng Shui. 


  • Green: Green is associated with nature, growth, and eco-friendliness. It also reflects health, relaxation, and prosperity. Green signifies renewal, personal growth, and a sense of balance and harmony. It also makes your outfit pop!



  • Blue: Cobalt blue on a bag exudes elegance and depth. This rich hue conveys a sense of sophistication and style. It symbolizes confidence, reliability, and timeless appeal. Our cobalt blue Bukvys captivates attention and complements a wide range of outfits. It represents a bold and versatile choice, suitable for both casual and formal occasions


Regardless if you are a brown tone neutral lover, an all-black sophisticated person or a color infused lollipop, we hope you will find your everyday Bukvy companion here. Color therapy can impact your life in different ways, and we hope that whatever color you chose, the selection will have a positive impact on your  everyday life. 


Are you missing a color? Or think Jung was wrong? Let us know, we always love hearing from you  

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