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Bukvy bag lady Hanna Rosell with her Curie 3-in-1 bag in genuine leather


Meet Hanna,

Hanna Rosell x Multifunctional bag


A woman from Karlstad, Sweden who together with her family has chosen to create their new place in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. We got our eyes on Hanna through her work as Marketing Manager at Läkarmissionen, an organisation which Bukvy repeatedly has supported, both as a company and in private. Hannas lovely Instagram is filled with color, attitude, friends, kids music and activity – just as life!

Hanna guides us through her bag-journey with her 3-in-1 Midi Curie bag in black leather which she styles sporty with an edge. During her week she plays Sarah Klang, Lykke Li and First Aid kit. She is apparently not just interested in Swedish fashion bit also Swedish music.

We ask about Hanna’s view on sustainability:

I am interested in sustainable fashion but to be honest I sometimes buy fast fashion. I strive to use my clothes again and again and again. For example I don’t even know how many times I’ve used this jacket, probably over a hundred times. That is sustainability for me.

Hanna Rosell x Sustainable fashion

 I always tell myself: if I don’t need it it’s not a bargain. Other wise it’s easy to get carried away in Black Friday or other deals.

Hanna also shows Läkarmissionen and their work in support for hero Doktor Denis Mukwege (winner of Nobels Peace price 2018) and his work with the Panzi hospital which the organization has supported with donations for over 20 years.

Hanna Rosell x Läkarmissionen

Thank you Hanna for letting us hang with you and your Midi Curie.


Bukvy founder Elenas best go-away-gift tip: instead of wine or flowers – pick a tree branch on the way and get a safe delivery in Läkarmissionens gift shop.

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