"We have found our sustainable, durable, organic and exclusive vegan alternative to leather"

Bo Bardi Vegan Cork

Let us introduce our first vegan bag, we are super proud to finally be able to present it to you! In our hunt for a vegan material it has been of great importance not to use plastic or other harmful materials but to find a sustainable, durable and exclusive alternative that we will be able to keep on using over time and still be proud of. We have explored many different materials when trying to find the right one and our reasons for using this cork in particular is that it does not only look fantastic but the industry of cork is a protection against the climate change as the oak trees reduces the risk of fire and desertification and thanks to the long life of an oak tree a lot of Co2 is deposited in the woods. It is also a natural, organic, renewable and biodegradable material and 100% recyclable.

The Vegan Bo Bardi bag is a durable bag less heavy than the leather version. It has a waxed feel that gives the bag a luxurious but yet sporty look. We look forward to hear what you think about it!


Elena & Joanna



Bo Bardi bag in Vegan Cork - work bag

 Bo Bardi - Cork Skin 



Hi Ruth! Unfortunately, we lost our supplier during Covid but we look forward to finding new alternatives in the future :)


Elena November 01, 2023

Hello, Do you still make bags with cork skin?

Thank you,

Ruth Rogers November 01, 2023

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