If you're someone who carries their laptop around frequently, then you know the importance of having a good workbag that fits your laptop. But with so many options out there, it can be confusing to choose the right one. The last thing you want is to order the wrong size, or worse, end up with a bag that's too small for your device.
At Bukvy, we understand this frustration all too well. That's why we've created a cheat sheet to help you find the perfect fit for your laptop. All you need is a ruler or tape measure, and we'll walk you through the rest. Important to note is that the inch-size of your laptop refers to the diagonal measurement of its screen from edge to edge. Considering this measurement doesn't include the bezel, which is the casing that surrounds the screen and can sometimes add an extra inch to the size. Therefore it's still important to measure the width and depth of your laptop to really see if your laptop will fit in the bag.

Mini Curie: This bag fits up to a 13” laptop but cannot always close on the front middle with the hooks. The bag has the measurements: height 26cm x width 33-43cm. 

Midi Curie: This bag fits a 13-15” laptop but cannot close on the front middle. The bag has the measurements: height 32 x width 32,5 - 49cm.

Maxi Curie: This is the best option for your bigger laptop. This bag will hold a laptop up to 17" and has the measurements: height 43,5 cm x width 43-58cm.

Bo Bardi: The Bo Bardi is optimized for a 13" laptop but fits up to a 15" laptop when worn as a backpack, laptop case or . Inside the bag has a compartment with a thick rubber band that holds the computer (optimized for 13 ") in place against the back for high comfort. There is also a flat, 43cm long compartment without zipper at the back of the bag (fits a 15" laptop). Dimensions Backpack: 43 cm H x 29 cm W x 3-15 cm.

12"- Mini Curie, Midi Curie and Bo Bardi

13"- Mini Curie, Midi Curie and Bo Bardi

14"- Midi Curie and Bo Bardi.

15"- Midi Curie and Bo Bardi.

16"- Maxi Curie

17"- Maxi Curie


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