Leather is a living material and must be treated with love. All Bukvy items are made from high-quality European leather and suede and will age beautifully as long as you take good care of them. Suede might need a little extra attention but don't be scared to use it - especially dark suede is very durable and hides stains in a great way thanks to the "living look". Before using your new bag we recommend treating it and then repeat about every third month. 
Here are our best tips for taking great care of your leather accessories:
1. First, make sure your bag is as clean as possible. We highly recommend brushing your Bukvy with a suede brush before spraying. This makes the suede receive protection better and last longer. Remove dirt and dust with a cloth
2. Apply Lotion on the leather (not on the suede!) with a brush or cloth to make it glow and thrive. 
3. Seal your Bukvy. Apply a waterproofing spray to protect it from stains and water. It will help repel dirt and prevent stains before they happen.
4. Never clean suede with water! This could affect both the color and the texture. It can also discolor other parts of the bag or your clothes. 
5. You need to treat your Bukvy every few months so that it ages beautifully.
6. There is a lot of advice on how to remove stains from leather and suede, but we strongly recommend taking your Bukvy to a professional if it is badly stained. This goes for all parts of the bag.
Also, keep in mind that dark leather always has a risk of discoloration. Especially if it gets wet. 
 The Best leather care products for leather and suede bags and accessories


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