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Artikel: Collecting Women who Bike - with Bags

Collecting Women who Bike - with Bags

Collecting Women who Bike - with Bags

When I and Joanna started dreaming about the Minimalist lifestyles we wanted to create, we visioned ourselves in motion, free and unbothered about our daily belongings. And very often on our bikes!

My absolute favorite way to travel is on my bike. I listen to music, podcasts, and books. And I look at people without having to stop and talk (yes, it's a Swedish thing, we don't like unexpected meetings). My daily city bike rides around Stockholm is almost therapeutic. Commuting is suddenly an experience instead of a stressful transfer. 

I collect women who bike, with their bags. If you also like to get inspired by city women who bikes - here's my Pinterest board: Women who bike with Bags

A small sneak peek of the board:

On the bike to work


Women's streetstyle with bike


The Best Woman's everyday work Backpack



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