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Artikel: Nightingale



“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse”

This Italy born power lady is a true hero. We are big admirers of the nurse profession (of course!) and fans of Florence Nightingale. Her family was a privileged British family and they reacted with great dismay when she informed them about her choice to be a nurse, especially her mother who wanted her to focus on getting a good husband. The nurse profession had an awful reputation and was mainly practiced by the poor, to be a nurse was even associated with alcoholism and prostitution. Nightingale did not bother though and worked hard to get educated – both in art and healthcare.
Nightingale is known for her exceptional effort in the Crimean war where her work led to a decreased mortality from about 50 % to 2 %. During her life, she came to reform and improve the healthcare system and almost as important – the perception of it. Nightingale was active in improving healthcare for the poor and made progress in that area even regarding the law. She was fighting not only for the week but also for women’s rights.
What an intriguing thought to think about what she might have needed during her days… We are quite sure that she would appreciate both a pen, a little notebook and lots of small places to hide her belongings.

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