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Artikel: The Minimalist way to pack the city-weekend bag in spring

The Minimalist way to pack a weekend bag

The Minimalist way to pack the city-weekend bag in spring

When it comes to packing it is so easy to procrastinate over what to pack before a trip. The ground rule is to keep it as light as possible while making sure the essentials are still there. I heavily dislike waiting so I try to keep my bags with me all the time, especially on short weekends. 
The special thing about a spring weekend in many parts of the world is that it starts to get warmer but the evenings (and many days!) can be very cold. The best solution for this is layering. Pack clothes that go well with each other and are on top of each other. 
I also try to give focus on what I want to bring in my handbag during the days. I like to use my Maxi Curie bag as a weekend bag and combine it with a Kahlo or Mini Curie bag for the daytime. Using multifunctional bags for traveling really helps me keep the luggage light and easy!
What I usually wear while traveling
These are also the things that would take up the most place in the bags. 
  • Jeans (or leather pants). I only bring one pair of trousers. 
  • A Merino wool cardigan or Balenciaga sweatshirt (comfortable + nice when glittered up) over a tank top.
  • A thin trench 
  • A warm scarf, wool on the colder part of the year, something lighter in the warmer part. A scarf is always great. 
  • Sneakers
  • Necklace, earrings, an ear cuff, 6 rings - it's nice to wear as much as possible on you
The Big bag: Maxi Curie
When it comes to clothes I try to stick to my safe cards, and versatility is key. I, of course, love multifunctional clothes, like an overshirt or a dress to wear with or without trousers under and/or with or without a sweatshirt on. 
  1. A black silk maxi dress
  2. White linen shirt 
  3. Brown silk tank top
  4. Printed t-shirt
  5. Underwear (in a dustbag)
  6. A dustbag for dirty/used clothes
  7. Clogs to wear with or without socks in them
  8. Mini packages of my favorite skincare 
  9. Home keys fixed with the hook in one of the Curie bags d-rings. It sounds silly but if I don't fix it here I believe I have lost it when I'm outside my door - every time. 

These items are possible to wear in so many ways: 

Friday night: Jeans & tank top, chosen jewelry, and Kahlo as a clutch. 

Saturday: Maxi dress with the sweatshirt over it and sneakers.

Saturday night: Maxi dress and clogs (I have to change shoes after a day out).

Sunday: Jeans & printed t-shirt with linen shirt over. A lot of jewelry. Sneakers.

I also appreciate being able to wear the Maxi Curie if I would happen to be in need of a bigger handbag. 

The Minimalist way to pack a weekend packing

The Handbag: Mini Curie
  1. Phone + headphones (w downloaded podcasts and audiobooks)
  2. Universal World Charger
  3. Laptop or iPad
  4. Stainless waterbottle
  5. My favorite notebook w pen
  6. Mini Wallet 
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Small toiletry bag with my personal little things, big earrings, sewing kit, lip balm, and blush. 

I really appreciate that I can carry the Mini as a backpack during the days and let it rest beautifully in my hand at night. 

A perfect handbag that can fit so much

I hope you got something out of my list. I would love to get your own best packing tips - a packing list can always be optimized!
I wish you a beautiful weekend!

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