Storlek: höjd 27 cm x bredd 33 cm

Axelband: 2 st. x Bredd 2,5 x Längd 85 cm

Innerfack: H 24 x B 20 cm
Liten läderficka på innerfacket: H15 x B12 cm
Ytterfack Bredd: 18 cm

Väskan rymmer en 12-13” laptop men kan inte stängas på framsidans mitt. Stäm av måtten för att försäkra dig om att det du vill kunna bära i väskan får plats.


Bags made for women by women - support female founded brands

Bags made for women by women

Our promise is to never compromise with our core values: not to sacrifice people or the environment for profit. We believe that important things ta...

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How we work with leather in a thoughtful way

How we work with Leather

It is not black or white. We’re always very conscious about all parts of the production process and have established relationships with partners th...

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Why Minimalism is positive for our environment - how Bukvy as a brand supports a minimalist lifestyle


I believe that Minimalism and conscious consumption habits are great reactions to overconsumption. Clothes and accessories must be built to last an...

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