Is Your Bag Too Heavy?

I have a friend who's a physiotherapist. He told me he often meets patients who are misloading their bodies with too heavy bags that wear on their shoulders and back. He's guiding them to carry a backpack instead of a shoulder bag and if they really don't want to wear a backpack he has recommended patients to look into Bukvy.

My mother was a chiropractor and she was always telling me not to carry too heavy bags. Or use a backpack, and I just didn't bother. I refused to carry those IT-consultant-backpacks I got from work. They can truly destroy whatever any look might have. This is also from which problem I and Joanna came up with the idea of Bukvy. A backpack that can turn into many other bags. 

I found a Times article about why we need to care about how and how heavy we carry:

“When you carry a heavy bag on your shoulder, you kind of have to lift or lean over to the other side, otherwise it’s going to fall right off. However long you’re holding that bag, you’re holding your spine in a curved way. Ergonomically, a backpack is your best choice. A cross-body bag is slightly better than a shoulder bag. If you do carry a shoulder bag, it can be helpful to periodically switch sides, to even things out"

The article gives us the rule of thumb from a Journal of Physical Therapy Science study, to never carry more than 10% of your body weight. If the bag is heavier, you should look into carrying two bags. Or just a backpack! 

You find the Times article here.

You can imagine how proud I get of Bukvy being recommended by a professional, and that our bags can truly help people that way. But as a matter of fact, I also love carrying my backpack. I might even think it's the most aesthetic everyday carrying option. And it makes me feel free - my favorite feeing :)



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