Susie Faux - The Woman behind the Capsule Wardrobe

Susie Faux was the owner of a boutique called Wardrobe in London during the 70s. She noticed that her customers were spending money on too many clothes that were not optimal for them in the long run. The clothes were lacking quality, comfort, fit, and also timeless style. This made them last for just one season and made the woman go out shopping again much sooner than she would if she planned her wardrobe in a better way.

Susie Faux's philosophy was to find your own perfect, high-quality items that would last year after year. Her focus was on fit and high function  

Donna Karan took the idea and created her 7 pieces Capsule Collection in 1985, The 7 Easy Pieces: the bodysuit, skirt, tailored jacket, dress, something leather, white shirt, and cashmere sweater. These pieces are intended to take a woman from day to night, from office to party (read all about it in Vogue). 

The Woman behind the Capsule Wardrobe, Susie Faux

Susie's book Wardrobe was first released in 1988. She wrote:

"If we apply capsule to everyone, we have to ask: What is his or her lifestyle? What is the most important piece for that lifestyle? That might be a perfectly tailored dress to see friends in; or a beautiful jacket for the office. For others, it might be nice jeans and tops. But for the average person, women and men who go to work need the best clothes they can."

Isn't it amazing how relevant and attractive the concept still is?

Susie Faux's philosophy is (without us even knowing about it) also what Bukvy is born out of. The vision of how one perfect bag is enough for our woman to live her everyday life with. A bag that's worth taking care of (here's our best Leather Care advice), and that evolves together with it's carrier after her needs. 



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