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Article: The Bag Routine

The bag routine - how to organize your bag and never forget things

The Bag Routine

This week I was at a talk held by dear Susanna Viljamaa (founder of Our New Routine). It was about our daily routines, a discussion on our personal routines, and the importance of developing, and showing up for ourselves.

It was so nice to shed light and appreciation on the routines that I and the other ladies in the room have created for ourselves. Many of my small routines have grown into a lifestyle during the last few years. I have grown into many new ways of life, many might sound silly to others but makes a big difference to me. Often it's the little things, like a 10 min YouTube exercise a day, skincare routines, preparing beans, what music I listen to on my bike to work, and how I prepare for the day ahead. One important part of my day is how I prepare my bag every day - we can call it The Bag Routine. 

You know how the everyday bag is such an essential item but it's so easy to turn it into an endless pit. I have made up my own Bag Routine to prepare myself for the next day and make it work smooth and simple every day. I do it the evening before to give myself the gift of not having to put my dear morning energy into it. First I check my calendar to know what I have planned. I have divided my daily items/needs into four "departments themes": 

  • The Office
  • The Beauty bar
  • The Snack bar
  • The Maathai

These parts are always the same and as long as I've got them, I've got it all 😊

On business days I usually carry my Bo Bardi bag or my Midi Curie bag, you can read about the Curated Minimalist bag collection here

The office supplies that I want to carry with me in my bag - O'Keeffe organizer for notebook or iPad

The Office contains my O'Keeffe organizer including a Nuuna notebook, charger, pens, and small office supplies. 

This is all the little essentials that I want to bring with me in my work bag everyday

The Beauty bar is a small toiletry bag with lip balm, hand creme, blush, headache pills, SPF50, sewing kit, perfume, and soap-on-the-go in a small can.

These are my favorite Food accessories: a small water bottle and lunch box with divider. Perfect fit into the work bag

The Snack Bar: water bottle, nuts, and my vitamins. I fast in the mornings and when I get hungry I need something quick or I lose my energy and mood. On my office days, I also bring my lunch box. I appreciate my lunch box and water bottle to be smaller than many I have found. I always get so many questions about mine so I have decided to offer these favorite Food Accessories to here at Bukvybag.

The Maathai is my Maathai organizer kit with keys and a mini wallet fixed in a big ring which I hook to a D-ring on the inner side of the bag. In that way, I can easily find them when I need them.

 This bag routine helps me prepare for the upcoming day and I know that I have all I need in my work bag

The bag routine of the everyday-go-to-the office-supplies is as natural for me now as washing my face - and it is bliss. It makes me feel prepared and like I am taking care of my future self. It's the little things in the everyday life that makes the difference.  The perfect bag trio

Elena Ekström and her bag routine


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