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Bukvy Bags are made to simplify and organize your everyday life. All bags are multifunctional and made to last for a long time. Created to support a Minimalist lifestyle.

Maxi Curie 3-in-1 bag / BlackMaxi Curie 3-in-1 bag / Black
Midi Curie 3-in-1 bag / BlackMidi Curie 3-in-1 bag / Black
Handbag, Mini Curie Black - ProductMini Curie 3-in-1 bag / Black
Bo Bardi 5-in-1 Bag / BlackBo Bardi 5-in-1 Bag / Black
Bo Bardi 5-in-1 Bag / Black Sale price6 990 KR
Women's handbag in golden leatherMini Curie 3-in-1 bag / Golden
Maxi bag in brown suede, backpack, handbag and tote in one I BukvyEveryday Maxi bag in brown suede I Bukvy bag
Bo Bardi 5-in-1 bag / FudgeWomans leather backpack
Bo Bardi 5-in-1 bag / Fudge Sale price6 990 KR
Mini Curie 3-in-1 bag / FudgeWork bags and laptop bags for women
Laula 3-in-1 bag / CobaltLaula 3-in-1 bag / Cobalt
Laula 3-in-1 bag / Cobalt Sale price7 490 KR
Woman's workbag in cobalt blue leather & suedeMidi Curie 3-in-1 bag / Cobalt
Mini Curie 3-in-1 bag / CobaltHandbag, Mini Curie Cobalt Blue - Image
Micro Curie 3-in-1 bag / CobaltMicro Curie 3-in-1 bag / Cobalt
Perfect work bag in soft grey leather and suede Midi Curie 3-in-1 bag / Almond
The perfect workbag and laptop bag for women autumn 2024Mini Curie 3-in-1 bag / Almond
Micro Curie 3-in-1 bag / JadeMicro bag in green leather
Laula 3-in-1 bag / ToffeeLaula 3-in-1 bag / Toffee
Laula 3-in-1 bag / Toffee Sale price7 490 KR
Fudge brown backpack, handbag, tote, laptopcaes and clutchWomans leather backpack
Bo Bardi 5-in-1 + Multi-Strap / Fudge Sale price7 490 KR Regular price7 980 KR
Vargas Maxi Wallet I CognacThe perfect maxi wallet bag
Vargas Maxi Wallet I Cognac Sale price4 490 KR
Kahlo Maxi wallet / CognacFyllda fack med saker inuti väska
Kahlo Maxi wallet / Cognac Sale price4 490 KR
Leather Accessories for Phone, Wallet and KeysMaathai accessory Kit / Black
Vargas Maxi Wallet / BlackVargas Maxi Wallet / Black
Vargas Maxi Wallet / Black Sale price4 490 KR
Kahlo Maxi wallet / BlackKahlo Maxi wallet / Black
Kahlo Maxi wallet / Black Sale price4 490 KR
Laula 3-in-1 bag / BlackLaula 3-in-1 bag / Black
Laula 3-in-1 bag / Black Sale price7 490 KR
Smart workbag for women in black leather I BukvyWomans leather backpack, ethical fashion
Bo Bardi 5-in-1 + Multi-Strap / Black Sale price7 490 KR Regular price7 980 KR
Micro Curie 3-in-1 bag / BiscottoMicro Curie 3-in-1 bag / Biscotto
Micro Curie 3-in-1 bag / TangerineMicro Curie 3-in-1 bag / Tangerine
Mini Curie 3-in-1 bag /MagentaMini Curie 3-in-1 bag /Magenta