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✓Made to last
✓Supporting a Minimalist lifestyle

The Bo Bardi bag is your perfect and exclusive everyday bag companion. It is perfect for:

  • When you want a stylish backpack commuting to work.
  • Grocery shopping, just change the straps and carry it as a tote bag.
  • Entering your meeting feeling confident supported by a minimalist laptop case.
  • Your Saturday city stroll carrying your shoulder bag.
  • This is the perfect hand luggage, it carries a lot on the plain and then easily transforms to the different bags you might need on your trip.

Fun facts

  • This is a backpack, tote bag, shoulder bag, laptop case, and clutch – all in one bag. The bag easily transforms between the different models by changing the straps, folding the bag, and adjusting the zippers.
  • This bag is optimized for a 13” laptop but holds up to 15”.

The Multi strap is the perfect addition to your Bo Bardi. It makes a beautiful handle when using the bag as a tote or hanging on your arm, but it can also be attached to your cabin bag while traveling.


Sale price7 490 KR Regular price7 980 KR
Smart workbag for women in black leather I Bukvy
Bo Bardi 5-in-1 + Multi-Strap / Black Sale price7 490 KR Regular price7 980 KR