This bag is made to change your everyday life

It started with the idea of the perfect bag. A bag in many forms evolves as life does. A life with jobs on the run, living-apart- relationships, going out, many activities in a day, and too many things to carry. Bags, backpacks, tote bags, and clutches to house their daily belongings: Computer, sketch pad, wallet, lunch box, gym clothes, keys, books, snacks, glasses, phone, clothes and so on. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of designing the ultimate escape and survival bag. It was going to float, hold milkshakes, be suitable for life in space, and hopefully have a best friend.

Legen Sie das Tuch um einen oder zwei Finger, drehen Sie es und nehmen Sie es um die Hand und greifen Sie es. Wechsle hin und wieder den Einsatzbereich, damit nicht alle Produkte am selben Ort landen. Es ist ratsam, nicht dasselbe Tuch für Taschenpflegemittel und Reinigungsmittel zu verwenden, da die Reiniger die Politur anlösen können. Wenn das Tuch sehr schmutzig oder voller Produkte ist, kann es in der Waschmaschine bei 30° gewaschen werden.


How we work with leather in a thoughtful way

How we work with Leather

It is not black or white. We’re always very conscious about all parts of the production process and have established relationships with partners th...

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Why Minimalism is positive for our environment - how Bukvy as a brand supports a minimalist lifestyle


I believe that Minimalism and conscious consumption habits are great reactions to overconsumption. Clothes and accessories must be built to last an...

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