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Article: Top 10 back-to-work-bag essentials

Top 10 work bag essentials

Top 10 back-to-work-bag essentials

Our work- /everyday bags are often the bags we use the most. Maybe even every day? As a routine-lover (find my last bag routine here) I love doing a little bag intervention before going back to work the first day after summer holidays. It's just like coming back to school with new pens, stickers, erasers, sharpeners, plans and looks - all organized and bedazzled. 
I start with emptying and cleaning my bag. Then I start prepare and pack it with my top 10 essentials!
10 work bag essentials
1. Laptop
5. Pens
7. Toiletry bag: blush, eyebrow pen, perfume, hair brush, hourglass lipstick, har tie and lip balm.
8. Kreafunk Power bank
9. A scarf, for when it's cold and for cuteness 
10. Emergency kit: tampons, hand sanitizer, chewing gum, tissues, airpodsand painkillers. 
These top 10 essentials fits perfect in my Biscotto colored Midi Curie bag. If you want to see which bag would fit your needs the best, don't hesitate to do the bag quiz in the menu WHICH BAG FITS ME THE BEST? 

Preparing my bag gives me time to prepare not just my bag but also my thoughts. It's the gift I give myself before getting back to business. 

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