What's in Your bag? I Elin Härén

 Meet Elin, a Bukvy friend, and Partner since 2021. Elin lives in Stockholm with her newlywed husband and their beautiful twins Alba & Leandro. 
Elin was one of our first customers in 2017. She bought a Bo Bardi bag and she always visited our popups and events in Stockholm. She has been working with startups in Stockholm for a long time and every time we met, we always had great conversations. After getting her babies Elin changed from a Bo Bardi to a Midi Curie to use it not just as an everyday bag but also hanging as a diaper bag on the stroller. 
I'm happy to dig into Elin's bag to get to know her and her habits better. I even got something extra useful for you who are pregnant or have small kids (or know someone who is?). When Elin was pregnant she created a Baby-budget. I love getting to see little everyday tricks like that so I asked if she could share hers with you. Since I know that we have many organization-planning-enthusiasts among us😊 The Baby Budget gives you an overview of the upcoming costs (different for everyone of course - the budget is just examples, change it after your own plan). It shows who has paid what and offers a list of Elins Capsule Baby Wardrobe (it's so much less than most of us believe!). 
Baby Budget for planning baby expences, puchases and wardrobe
 So, back to the bag! 
What's in my Bag? The perfect women's everyday bag
This is what's in Elin's everyday bag: 
1. A Book, at the moment it's What's our problem (Tim Urban)
2. Sunglasses
3. Mini wallet for cards and coins
4. Pacifiers
5. Lip gloss
6. A Frösåker golf course guide. A memory from a weekend  with my husband that remains in the bag waiting for a better place. 
7. Water bottle
8. Kahlo Maxi wallet. My Kahlo has turned into my own bag organizer that I move between bags to ensure I always got the most important things with me. 
9. Keys
Thank you for sharing it all Elin!


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