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Article: My 30 item wardrobe I Elena Ekström

My 30 item wardrobe I Elena Ekström

My 30 item wardrobe I Elena Ekström

I am inspired by Minimalism and strive towards a minimalist lifestyle. To keep my wardrobe simple and get the most out of every item I've created my 30-item wardrobe which I rotate every quarter. Part of the quarter-approach is necessary because Sweden has four seasons where the weather varies a lot. But it also gives me more of a creative feel about my own wardrobe since I try to shop as little as possible. 

To keep it simple and comprehensible I use an Excel sheet to track the different clothing types I need within the 30-item wardrobe. Then I use an app to view the items before I take them all down from the attic. It's easier to decide what I want in the app instead of getting overwhelmed by taking it all out. 

It varies a little bit from season to season, but tops are always the most. Then I have about half as many lower parts and then finally about half as many "middle parts" (read dresses). 

Here's my 30 item wardrobe spreadsheet :) 

The steps I did before organizing my wardrobe in sections and quarters were: 

  1. I went through my closet and took a photo of every item. I keep them in an app (that I don't recommend, I think there are better options for virtual closeths now). 
  2. I took a real good thinking about how much I really wanted to keep in my closeth every quarter and decided that 30 items is max for me. 
  3. I store the items that I dont use in transparent boxes on the attic organized after winter, summer, lowers parts, middle parts and tops.  
  4. During an ongoing quarter I add small comments and notes about what I miss or want to add to the up coming quarter. To be clear, these are things that I already own and are stored on the attic.

The spreadsheet is under constant construction and improvements but I'm super happy if it can help someone find more inspiration in owning less but better. 


Elena ❤

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