3 inspirational Minimalist shows to watch

"The person who produced the least amount of garbage wins"

It's a new year and everything is possible! But, January is a long month so I thought I'll share a few things to watch. These documentaries inspires to stick to our values and support feeling minimalist-inspired😊 They remind us that our actions make a difference - in our own lives but also in the bigger picture:

1. The Minimalists: Less Is Now. It's both consumption-educational and inspires us to take action, step by step. 

Get inspired: The Minimalists: Less Is Now. 

2. The clean bin project. Jen & Grants swear off consumerism and compete about who can produce the least amount of garbage. This documentary is great, it reminds us about how terrible our waste situation is at the same time as it inspires us to take action. 

Get inspired: The clean bin project

3. Zero Waste Home. It sounds extreme but it's really not, it's inspirational. Seeing a family actually doing the change makes me want to downsize as well. 

Get inspired: Bea Johnson's Zero waste lifestyle (this is just one video from her channel)

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Please feel free to share your own favorite inspiration!

The perfect bag trio

 Elena Ekström, Bukvy Founder

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