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Article: The women behind the brand

The female owning team

The women behind the brand

Bukvy's owning team is 92% women - that is important to me.

came to a point where I wanted to raise capital. It was the first time for me and it was not just about the money. It was about gathering people who shared my vision and who believed in me. I started reaching out; I called everybody I knew who could help and searched for people with interesting backgrounds and experiences that I wanted to have with me on my and Bukvy's journey.  

After hundreds of calls and a lot of pitching, I have found a great group of people who have invested in Bukvy. Not just with money but also with great engagement and expertise. Bukvy is still 92% owned by women which I am very proud of but I am also grateful and proud of the great men in my owning team. 

I love being a female founder. It’s challenging, stressful, time-consuming, and scary. And it’s my best life, I build something together with my customers and I wake up excited about what the day will bring. Part of that is the power that has come from my group of investors. 

I got to know the four new women in the group first as Bukvy customers. A customer relationship that has evolved into a owning-a-brand-friendship. That's a genuine collaboration for me and it feels like a beautiful way to keep on growing. I'll introduce you to the group step by step. 

Frida Lund

Frida is a Swedish lifestyle and food influencer, but most of all a cool and kind person who is doing a lot of interesting things. I met Frida 2,5 years ago when she was carrying her first Bukvy, a Plum colored Mini Curie bag. We kept in contact and when I was raising capital Frida wanted to join and I happily accepted. 

Frida Lund, a female brand owner and food influencer

Nina Campioni

Nina is a lifestyle influencer and a journalist. She invested in Bukvy already 5 years ago and has been a great supporter to us since day one. She has also invested in other startups and is at the time she's living in Italy with her family of four. 

Nina Campioni is a female brand owner

I look forward to keep on presenting my owning team to you and also sharing with your their best bag-life-hacks. 

OH! I must show you, the day we met up to get our photo taken we all wore the same bag but in one color each. Frida had her black Midi Curie bag, Nina her Toffee colored Midi Curie bag and I wore my Almond colored Midi Curie bag. Great minds think alike!

The best work bag for woman, a beautiful backpack in genuine leather and suede

Have a beautiful day!



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