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Article: Meet Li, my dear friend and new coworker

Female founded bag brand

Meet Li, my dear friend and new coworker

I first met Li a year ago when we worked at the same office hotel in Stockholm. The place was wonderful, full of female entrepreneurs, creativity, and events. She was running her own brand but later decided to go other ways. Li is a person who attracts the best people. She always comes with warm energy, wise words, and lots of laughter.
I am so happy that today it is Li who takes care of you at Customer Care when you have questions or need help. She is a true Bukvy woman and I am completely confident that she will always put you first.
Li is also responsible for Bukvy's PR and collaborations, which actually is the perfect combination. There as well, I know she'll meet our community in a truly extraordinary way.
You'll get to know more about Li in a few weeks when she'll be hosting our Instagram for a week. OH! I almost forgot this super mega important information: She is a Maxi Curie carrier, that says a lot. 
Welcome to Bukvy Li - I am so happy to have you!


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