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Article: Greetings from: Marie Hammarberg

Bukvy bag lady Marie Hammarberg and her Vargas Maxi Wallet with mirror inside

Greetings from: Marie Hammarberg

Meet Marie,
Meet student councilor Marie Hammarberg and her versatile bags
 A fashionista who works as a school welfare officer in Karlstad, a town in the middle of Sweden. Marie lives with her husband, their two children and two cats, in a townhouse with nature at their doorstep. Marie and Bukvy has been in a long-distance friendship for many years on Instagram and we are very proud over Marie´s excellent Bukvy collection. During this week we get to follow her and her Bukvy bags: Bo Bardi, Mini Curie, Kahlo och Shikibu. 
Yellow bag, multipurpose bags and accessories
The first time I met Marie, was on Instagram in the beginning of the Bukvy journey. I don’t know if it was Marie who put Bo Bardi in one of her collages (she is amazing with her collages, where she generously shares a collage on demand from her followers ex: ”what should I be wearing when I start my new job as X on Monday?”)…
Swedish fashion and versatile bags
… or maybe it was me who started following Marie and commenting on her posts. Either way, it has been wonderful to follow her and her passionate work and development of STILKONTOT during recent years. 
The perfect yellow everyday bag
A couple of years ago, her cognac coloured Bo Bardi bag got to accompany her to Berlin, as her only bag - hand luggage, bag back, shoulder strap bag. Who needs anything else?
Multifunctional bags and accessories for the intelligent woman.
Maries profile is filled with life - friends, nature, activities, family, exercise and beautifully curated collaborations. She offers heart-to-hearts on various topics on life. Marie is an influencer of the future (can we please find a new name for influencer? Marie is a friend-fluencer!). She lives her life with work, family and interests - it’s the journey and thoughts that are interesting. Marie gives us access to these thoughts about a life filled with work, everyday food, relationships and moods.
A wallet bag with mirror and a place for lipstick
Thank you for everything Marie!
Marie´s guest week at  Bukvy Stories (All photos has been taken by Marie Hammarberg):

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