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Article: The Summer-in-the-city-bag for the days to remember

The perfect bag for a day in the city on your bike

The Summer-in-the-city-bag for the days to remember

Summer on a bicycle means freedom from schedules and stressful environments. How wonderful it is not to be able to get where you want in a comfortable way without being dependent on time, gas or parking? Being able to stop when seeing something interesting and being environmentally friendly at the same time? I love being able to bring all the things I need for a beautiful summer day in the city. A bathing suit, a towel, a water bottle, a book, a notebook, and my personal belongings. 
I love these beautiful photos by Alejandra Cerda living life in Copenhagen with the Bo Bardi bag.  
The perfect bag on a summer day in the city, just change it from backpack to handbag, to clutch or tote bag

The Bo Bardi looks so good as a backpack on the back but is also perfect for attaching or hanging on the bike in any of the straps of the bag. 

The perfect bag Bo Bardi on the bike in Copenhagen
Here's a cute podcast tip you could listen to on your next bike ride on how to create memories that matter. It's funny how some little things seem too stuck and some that seem so meaningful don't and this episode shares a few tips on how to create ones that stick if that for some reason would feel important during summer :)
It says memorable moments are created when we do fun, surprising, and pleasurable things, and it's the little things that matter. I love that, it's not about doing things far away or expensive adventures. It's as easy as a day on the bike, with a surprise in the bag and a popsicle in the pocket.  The perfect bag on days where great memories are made
Have a beautiful - and hopefully surprising - day! 

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