Maxi Curie 3-in-1 bag / Fudge

CHF 799.00

Made to last
Supporting a Minimalist lifestyle

The Maxi Curie bag is a super spacious, extraordinary, and luxurious 3-in-1 bag. This Maxi bag is perfect for:

  • Your active and busy workdays when you need to bring a lot. Maybe your laptop, lunchbox, workout clothes, toiletry bag, and all the extra essentials you would ever wish to have close.
  • Your weekend trip when you want to keep your luggage light.
  • A day in the park with your kids and friends. You will have room for both picnic and games.

Other facts

  • This is a backpack, handbag, crossbody bag, and shoulder bag in one. The bag easily transforms between the different models by changing the straps and folding the bag.
  • The Maxi Curie fits all laptop sizes plus a lot more.

H: 43,5 cm x W: 43-58cm
Straps: W: 1-2,5 x L 42-75 cm

Inner pocket lining: W 27 x H 21,5 cm
Inner pocket in leather:W 16,5 x H 17 cm
Phone pocket: W 10 x 12 cm
Outer pocket with zipper: 18cm wide

This item is made of beautiful cow leather and suede. All leathers are European sourced which means that the animals have lived and been handled within the EU. The leathers are a rest-product from the meat industry and our suppliers all comply with the REACH regulation. That means that no dangerous toxins are being used in the process.