Mini Curie 3-in-1 bag / Jade

CHF 499.00

✓Made to last
✓Supporting a Minimalist lifestyle

The Mini Curie bag is a beautiful, small but spacious 3-in-1 bag. It is perfect for:

  • Active and busy workdays with a laptop, lunchbox, small toiletry bag, and the everyday essentials
  • When you want a stylish and comfortable backpack on your way to work
  • Dinner with a timeless handbag beautifully on your arm
  • The Saturday stroll with a timeless and spacious bag on your shoulder

Fun facts

  • This is a backpack, handbag, crossbody bag, and shoulder bag in one. The bag easily transforms between the different models by changing the straps and folding the bag.
  • It fits up to a 13” laptop, you might not be able to close the hooks in the front, but you can close the bag with the hooks in the top of the bag and carry it as a backpack.

Bag size: height 26cm x width 33-43cm
Straps: 2 psc: W: 1-2,5 x L 42-75 cm

Inner pocket lining: W19 cm H17 cm
Inner pocket in leather: W8 cm H10,5 cm
Outer pocket: W18 cm

The bag fits a 11-13” laptop but cannot close on the front middle. Be sure to look into the measurements to see how the things you need in your bag fit.

This item is made of beautiful cow leather and suede. All leathers are European sourced which means that the animals have lived and been handled within the EU. The leathers are a rest-product from the meat industry and our suppliers all comply with the REACH regulation. That means that no dangerous toxins are being used in the process.