Vargas Maxi Wallet I Naranja

CHF 449.00

✓Made to last

In collaboration with Marie Stilkontot Hammarberg 

Vagas is a creative maxi wallet made to support and delight your busy days. Designed to carry all your litte items - pens and pencils, tampons, keys, phone, iPad, cards, and glasses – all in it's own perfect place. It even has a little mirror inside. Carry the Vargas maxi wallet as a:

  1. Clutch
  2. Shoulder bag 
  3. Crossbody bag

Vargas comes with a matching wide strap in brown cotton and orange leather parts. 

Size Hight 19 x width 25cm

This item is made of beautiful calf leather and cow suede. All leathers are European sourced which means that the animals have lived and been handled within the EU. The leathers are a rest-product from the meat industry and our suppliers all comply with the REACH regulation. That means that no dangerous toxins are being used in the process.