"We aim to create a balanced mix between city and motion, function and aesthetics - in a transparent and sustainable way"

The dream of the perfect bag: it must be multifunctional, timeless and of course beautiful

Stockholm-based Bukvy was founded in 2015 by Elena Ekström and Joanna Bark in 2015. It started with the idea of the ultimate bag. A bag in many forms evolves as life does. A life with jobs on the run, separated relationships, going out, many activities in a day, and too many things to carry. Bags, backpacks, tote bags, and clutches to house their daily belongings: Computer, sketch pad, wallet, lunch box, gym clothes, keys, books, snacks, glasses, phone, clothes and so on. Ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of designing the ultimate escape and survival bag. It was going to float, hold milkshakes, be suitable for life in space, and hopefully have a best friend.

Today, our dreams are still big, but in new ways. What started with a longing to escape, a desire for freedom, and the satisfaction of knowing where my belongings are, became a life project.

It took hours of design, discussion, craftsmanship, and testing to arrive at the final result and it is with great pride that we present to you our ultimate bag collection - the Bukvys. The first Bukvys bag was the Bo Bardi bag, made in Spain from genuine calfskin and goat suede. Today we manufacture our products in both Spain and Portugal in our carefully selected ateliers.
It is a small but focused collection, designed to simplify and organize the daily lives of urbanites through a combination of function and aesthetics.

Sustainability & ethical fashion

Our items are produced in our carefully selected studios in Portugal and Spain where people work under good circumstances and for fair pay. We only use European sourced leathers which means that the animals have lived and been handled after EU's standards. No dangerous chemicals have been used and the process is carefully supervised and controlled.

For women - by women

Bukvy is founded by, owned 92% by, and led by women. It is a brand created for women by women. Our promise is to never compromise with our core values: not to sacrifice people or the environment for profit. We believe that important things take time and we do not prioritize financial profit overall. If you have any questions you are always more than welcome to contact us founders directly through mail or social media. We love hearing from you!  


Elena Ekström, Female founder