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I came to think of an article with a funny headline and interesting content that was sent to me on my birthday. The article by Marielle Elizabeth for Vouge describes the polarization and passive-aggressive tension between influencers on the ethical fashion spectra and fast fashion profiles. It's so easy to end up making fun of someone in frustration at how clueless he/she/they are sharing fast fashion links and entertaining in a low quality-low cost outfit. But what good does it do? She asked herself:

"Am I just a mean girl of ethical fashion leveraging the moral high ground on social media?".

And what actually drives change?

According to the author, we should include and ensure the effect of many people taking small steps together. If the fast fashion consumers are not included, we fail to influence the majority to act. Few influencers have the possibility only to collaborate with ethical and sustainable brands. And we want also smaller niche profiles to be seen, heard, and have the opportunity to inspire through more diversity. And to have a chance, more well-paid collaborations are needed. Maybe that’s why the most interesting people I follow actually do something else than just ”influence”? 

I appreciate following profiles and hashtags that inspire alternatives like 30-wear, second-hand, remake, and seasonal wardrobe. I am happy that they exist and in the end, it is us as followers who are clicking those links and making it all go round. 

Anyway, it’s always great to remind each other about these 3 questions to ask oneself before buying something:

  1. Do I need it? Often we think we need something but it’s really just a want.
  2. What is the true cost of this item? And this is not just about the price tag:
  • How much are you going to use it?
  • Will it improve your everyday life?
  • Is it good enough for you to be willing to take care of it? Taking care of the things you have de the relationship and makes it last longer. 
  1. How long will it make you happy? If you need it but it’s not for long, find the option that will improve your life and make you happy for a long time and invest in that. Or maybe look for a pre-loved alternative?

You find the article here!



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