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Artikel: Greetings from Peppe

Greetings from Peppe

Greetings from Peppe

Meet Peppe,
The best everyday bag! Perfect for the work, weekends, dinner and all the things that can come up
A writer, podcaster, and journalist. I got to know about Peppe a few years ago, she seems to know all the fun people doing fun things in Sweden. But she's living in LA. The perfect combination to make an interesting person even more interesting, right?
A multitasking super woman creating interesting things and carries the perfect bag
Peppe has been carrying her Midi Curie in Toffee for about 1,5 years now and it is so beautiful to follow her and her bag between the LA streets, the beach and Stockholm summer swims. 
Peppe Öhman walking in Stockholm with her perfect bag: Midi Curie 3-in-1 bag as handbag. Made by genuine leather and suede in color Toffee
I highly recommend following Peppers newsletter with links to the week's most interesting articles. They are very well picked and always a treat for us who loves getting to the good stuff quick without scrolling to the not-so-good-stuff. 
If you have missed when Peppes hosted our Instagram stories go visit it HERE

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